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Instagram Automations

Instagram Automation

Instagram Automation has finally arrived!

As of June 2021, how you interact with your Instagram fans has changed forever. You can now improve engagement, response times, collect contact details, automate the process and so much more...

How to use Instagram Automation in Your Business

Over 90% of people on Instagram follow at least one business and have bought something they first saw on the platform

Instagram is currently THE place for direct to consumer (D2C) businesses to find their target audiences. Yet while Instagram users could engage with a brand’s content and clearly indicate interest and even buying intent, it was impossible to convert this engagement into direct conversations and, ultimately, sales. What you needed to do was get into those potential customer’s direct messages (DMs), and doing that manually was time consuming and hard. Until now. With the new Messenger API for Instagram a world of opportunities have opened up for your business...

Here are just some of the ways we'll help you set up Instagram Automations to better interact and sell to your customers:

Imagine if your Instagram Account could do this...

Use Keyword Triggers to send automatic replies

Trigger messages, entire conversations, and business automations by asking a user to type in a specific, pre-determined keyword or phrase.

Use this keyword trigger to start a conversation from IG Stories or provide your users with a way to get what they want quickly.

“Type ‘help!’ if you want to speak to a team member right away”... or...
"Type 'enter' to get someone to enter a competition


Automatically Reply to Comments

This comment to message automation trigger allows you to send automatic replies to people who comment on certain posts.

The uses here are endless. Automatically enter people who comment into a competition or give them access to a freebie. 

Automatically Start Conversations

Instagram Conversation Starters help customers who have never messaged your account before to start up a conversation easily. These handy pre-filled conversation starter buttons are presented to new customers to start a discussion about that topic. 

They are great for providing answers for frequently asked questions, like the ever-popular “Do you offer free shipping?” Since they only appear to Instagram users who have never messaged your account before, they’re a great way to quickly interact with new customers to help answer questions or resolve an issue.


Automatically Thank Story Mentions

Once a warmish lead decides to contact you, those first impressions are essential and the speed at which you reply is often critical. Imagine if the reply was instant, positive and built a great relationship for you. That's the power of our automated lead generation messaging system...

Collect User Information

You're able to capture critical user information, like emails or phone numbers, and send them in to your CRM software.

You can automatically capture this user-provided information as a natural part of the conversation and use it to personalize your responses. We've found businesses are most successful at collecting user emails by offering giveaways and promotions.

Once you have their email address in your CRM system, you're able to follow up in many different ways and have minimised the risk of only having contact through Instagram.


What's Possible for Your Instagram Account?

These are just some examples of how you'll be able to use Instagram Automations in your business and we haven't even started on the ecommerce opportunities!  We're able to help you strategise, plan and implement entire marketing campaigns and our packages are all designed so we pay for ourselves very quickly. 

Schedule a complementary Strategy call with us and we'll show you just what's possible. Discover how to get more customers into your business using the power of the new Instagram Automations. You don't know what you don't know and it's much easier than you think...

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